Unhealthy diet and lifestyle linked to childhood asthma - study

October 25, 2015

Professor Susan Sawyer who is an expert in pediatric asthma and director of adolescent health at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne echoed these thoughts saying, ???I think this study is valuable in relationship to trying to help unpack why it is we have seen over the past 50 years in most high income countries a rising prevalence of asthma, which is now starting to be seen as well in low-income countries??¦There is growing evidence that perhaps the notion of a western diet which is high in fat could be part of this explanation.???

Another expert Associate Professor Shyamali Dharmage, an epidemiologist and respiratory disease expert from Melbourne University blames childhood obesity for the causation. ???My gut feeling is that it is to do mainly with the childhood obesity??¦We have done some research and we have shown that childhood obesity leads to subsequent development of asthma,??? she added.

A recent study had shown that certain forms of high fat diet like burgers can have a negative impact on the immune response triggering asthma said Dr Lisa Wood, a nutritional biochemist at the University of Newcastle. ???We gave people a challenge with dietary fat and looked at how that affected their airway inflammation and their asthma??¦In that study we found that when people have a couple of fast-food burgers and hash browns, after they consumed that meal, their airway inflammation increased,??? Dr. Wood explained.