Stomach wrap operations more effective than acid suppression tablets in severe acid reflux treatment

October 10, 2015

Take the pledge

She called on the big food industry giants to pledge their marketing strategies to manufacture and sell only healthy foods to children. She went on to say that food labels should have exact information about the quality and quantity of foods and how much of it was safe for the child. The First Lady pointed out that food manufacturers are aware of the impact their advertisements have especially on children and urged them to promote healthy eating among children by constructive marketing.

Her words were greeted warmly and have drawn a healthy response from the food industry which has unanimously agreed to rethink and reformulate their products and also make labeling more parent-friendly.

"We have not ever had this kind of leadership from the White House. Changing the way we make and market food isn't enough to end childhood obesity in a generation," said Sean McBride, GMA's vice president of communications. "Now we have a leader to help make the cultural change that is required."