Researchers link vitamin D deficiency to chronic fatigue in post-TBI sufferers

October 14, 2015

This work opens the possibility that correcting the vitamin D deficiency might help to reduce some of the chronic fatigue in TBI patients.  However, as vitamin D levels in the body are affected by diet and time spent in the sunshine, further studies are now needed to confirm whether low vitamin D levels are a cause of the fatigue or whether they are a consequence of altered lifestyle led due to suffering from fatigue.

Lead researcher, Dr Jessica Schnieders said:

"In the Netherlands we have 30,000 people every year who suffer a traumatic brain injury and many of these go on to suffer from chronic fatigue.  This is early work, so we need to confirm that vitamin D is the cause of this fatigue, and if so to see if taking vitamin D, perhaps coupled with improved sleep patterns, can alleviate some of the symptoms. 

"We looked at patients around 10 years after their trauma.  Fatigued post traumatic brain injury patients are less active, and generally experience a reduced quality of life.  They have difficulties in maintaining relationships and keeping jobs, and are less independent than people who have not had to cope with such trauma."

SOURCE European Society of Endocrinology