Kid cholesterol

October 30, 2015

8.3% 11-year-olds who met current cholesterol screening guidelines had LDL cholesterol levels of 130 mg/dL or higher. 1.2% had higher than 160mg/dL. 9.5%11-year-olds who would not have been screened under current guidelines had LDL cholesterol levels of 130 mg/dL or higher. 1.7% had LDL cholesterol levels of 160 mg/dL or higher

Dr. Neal says that guidelines and recommendations need to be revised. He said, ?????¦as time has gone on, one of the indicators that triggers screening is a condition such as high blood pressure or obesity in the child??¦You may have children for whom the family history of heart disease may not be positive, but their doctors will lean more toward screening as they worry about diabetes in addition to heart disease.??? He feels that all children should be tested for high cholesterol.

American Heart Association President Ralph Sacco, chair of neurology at the University of Miami however feels differently, ???This study does call into question whether family history is a good enough indicator for screening, but whether to jump to universal screening is another question??¦ The rising epidemic of diabetes means we need to focus on diet, weight control, and physical activity. Putting the emphasis on this for fifth graders would be of utmost importance.??? Thus he says it is not screening that is the key but a healthier lifestyle for children that can keep diabetes and heart disease at bay. Some children despite a healthy lifestyle, say both doctors may still need drugs to control their blood cholesterol levels.