Interleukin Genetics introduces the Bone Health Genetic Test

September 16, 2015

The Bone Health Genetic Test analyzes gene variations that were identified from the study as showing statistically significantly increased risk for spinal fracture and low bone mineral density and provides risk information beyond that provided by traditional risk factors, such as age and Body Mass Index (BMI), in the assessment of an individual's overall risk for bone health.

"Through knowledge of one's genetic risk for fractures and low bone density, individuals will be able to take appropriate steps to maintain strong bone health prior to any measurable signs. Through proper diet and exercise the opportunity to prevent low bone mineral density and reduce the risk of spinal fracture is significantly improved," said Lewis H. Bender, CEO, Interleukin Genetics. "Not everyone has genetic predisposition for osteoporosis, which can progress painlessly until serious fracture occurs, but for those that do our new Bone Health Genetic Test can be a powerful preventative tool."

SOURCE Interleukin Genetics, Inc.