Eating fatty fish reduces blindness risk from AMD: Study

December 18, 2015

???In summary, these prospective data from a large population of women with no prior diagnosis of AMD indicate that regular consumption of DHA and EPA and fish significantly reduced the risk of incident AMD,??? concluded the study which was published in the journal Archives of Ophthalmology.

The exact mechanism by which these fatty acids help in vision is still unclear. But some research suggests that chronic inflammation may play a role in causing AMD. ???Omega-3 fish oils are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, so it??s plausible that these anti-inflammatory properties could be of benefit,??? says Christen. More research is needed to confirm these findings, he says.

According to Jack Cohen, an ophthalmologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, if omega-3 fatty acids could prevent AMD from occurring it would be ???amazing.??? The new study ???does show potential for prevention and that is where AMD research is the weakest,??? he says. This will be a great breakthrough, if it is true,??? says Cohen adding, ???Women with good fish or fatty acid intake may never get AMD.??? However he said that other risk factors should be kept in mind. This includes smoking, family history of AMD, and high blood pressure.

Lylas G. Mogk, director of the Center for Vision Rehabilitation and Research at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit also lauded the study saying, ???The article makes a very important contribution by providing clear evidence that omega-3 fatty acid intake can help prevent macular degeneration??We now know your risk is higher for AMD if you do not eat omega-3s.???