Byetta combination with insulin glargine gets FDA nod in type 2 diabetes

January 22, 2016

The most common adverse event was nausea, which affected 41% of those in the Byetta group, versus 8% in the other group.

Christian Weyer, M.D., senior vice president, research and development, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, said, ???Since 2005, when Byetta was approved as the first-in-class GLP-1 receptor agonist, we have continued to investigate its usefulness for patients across the broad spectrum of type 2 diabetes. With this approval, Byetta is now the first and only GLP-1 receptor agonist approved for use in the U.S. as an adjunct to insulin glargine, with or without certain oral agents. This complementary approach to glycemic control will further extend the use of Byetta across the continuum of type 2 diabetes care.???

Approximately 347 million adults are thought to be affected by diabetes, of which 26 million are Americans. Between 90% and 95% of them have diabetes type 2. The annual health bill for direct and indirect medical expenses in the USA from diabetes is $174 billion. About 6 in every 10 diabetes patients do not achieve their target blood glucose levels with their current treatments, says the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).